Tammy G.

Huntington Beach, CA

Really nice stop when strolling along in Old Town. They have every sort of sweet you want - candy - homemade fudge, and ice cream. As a non-sweet eater, I just enjoyed watching the kids struggle with what they wanted, and I enjoyed the cute and good variety of retail items. Some novelty stuff to keep a non-sweet eater occupied.
Build your own jelly belly flavors was the choice of my 13 year old, with some weird squeazy candy liquid being the pick of the 12 year old. Plus she picked up some sunglasses with a dangling mustache.
Can't think of anything this little place is missing to satisfy a sweet tooth.
You can sit outside on the porch if you want to. If your kids take as long as mine to choose....you will be happy about this.

Rie K.

Machida-shi, Japan

They have a lot of sweets, toys and homemade fudge. I recommend peanuts butter chocolate! I had fun, there staffs was very kind for me.
I bought chocolate and car toy for my sister son presents.

Louise P.

Vista, CA

Love looking in this shop and sorry to say buying the yummy candy/fudge & ice cream. Lots of retro candy and just as much new ideas. All kinds of delicious homemade fudge, which they will let you sample. I recommend Peanut butter Chocolate. Wow it is creamy and delicious. But I have to say they have the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Sara A.

Santa Cruz, CA

What a neat little store that is located in Old Town Temecula! They have really gorgeous gifts and foodstuffs imported from Britain. Mainly I just browsed, but I did notice the cool selection of retro candies that they sell. I purchased some of their delicious homemade fudge and only got to enjoy a little of it because when I returned from a run the next night my housemates had already eaten it all.