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Date added: February 7, 2014 | Categories: Blog

I was recently approached by a customer that told me he was disappointed in me that I carry certain products (candy bikini’s & garters) because of the kids that come into the shop.  My immediate reaction was to say “that’s why we keep them on the highest shelf”. He wasn’t happy with my answer and left without making a purchase. I’ve also been told that some people complain about the fact that we sell candy & bubblegum cigarettes.  I’ve thought about this and wondered “am I doing something wrong?” Here’s my thoughts; 90% of my customer are adults who get a kick out of seeing the retro candy they had when they were kids. I had candy and bubblegum cigarettes throughout my whole childhood and never smoked a real cigarette and my parents were both smokers.  The candy bikinis and garters are mostly purchased by brides-to-be and I support them having a little fun with their new hubby’s. Most people that know me would describe me as being CONSERVATIVE and there are certainly candy items out there that I do consider inappropriate for my store. Feel free to offer an opinion.

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